A Little Background...

Hi! I’m Lou!

Nine years ago, I created Just Easy Recipes as a way to share and digitally record my recipes. I love food and experimenting with new recipes but, I love simplicity even more, so the blog is now a large library of fuss-free, simple recipes.

Turns out, I'm not the only one who likes simple cooking. Today, we have over 300 000 Facebook followers, over 100 000 page views per month and over 10 000 email subscribers.

Over the past 9 years, I’ve had 3 little boys, and built and run online businesses. Most recently though, I had an epiphany (I love that word!).

It’s a fancy word for the ideas that come about when thinking deeply about what it’s all about. You know, being a woman, a wife, a mother, businesswoman, and all the other hats we wear.

I got thinking about what is important to me, as well as the other women I know and work with. Things like family gatherings and traditions, having a cosy, happy home, with the kitchen at the heart of it. Things like becoming more eco-conscious and aware in every day living, and in actionable ways.

Things like supporting small, local businesses in South Africa. And believing in entrepreneurial values, for myself and my children! Oh, and of course, making home and family life as wonderful and stress-free as possible, by being organised at home.

I love things that are made well. I have a major aversion to mass produced goods – soul-less, expensive, and always so samey. I love the things I use to be beautiful, functional and characterful.

And this is how the Just Easy Recipes Shop came about! A lovingly curated space filled with unique, handmade, eco-friendly, personalised kitchen and home goods that ‘speak’ to me! And I am sure, to you!

So, here it is friends! I know you will just love the personalised bamboo recipe books, the eco-friendly cotton sandwich bags, the wax wraps, the hand woven cotton bath sheets, and the gorgeous kitchen recipe posters for your favourite baked goods!

Along the way we’ve become quite a little team, it’s no longer just me sharing my recipes! The Just Easy Recipes Team are all women like me, with a hundred things to do every day and a desire to give their family the best they can, whenever they can.

I hope you enjoy this new addition to the Just Easy Recipes concept as much as we do. We have carefully and lovingly sourced and made the items in this shop because WE love them, and we hope they bring you as much joy as they have done for us!